Monday, July 7, 2014

The big mistake of the today's Ottoman style archers;the lost & forgotten Ottoman's drawing-shooting technique of the past.

Beyazid II.

With their powerfull bow and arrows,even with these weapon's equipments;the ottoman bowyers and archers were very impressive and famous due to their weapons performance.

But at the same time;
they also had a very-very effective,unnoticed shooting technique.It is ;

                ''The Ottoman's lost and forgotten,real bow drawing-shooting technique''.

If we think about the traditional & modern archery?..,yes,some main principles may be almost similar with the modern archery but you can feel the big pressure on the traditional archery technique due to it's international popularity.İf you have a popularity..,then it means;you've received the advertiment and misleading effect power at the same time.

So,you can easily interpret some traditional archery basics by this modern archery pressure wrongly just like in our ottoman style real-proper shooting technique issue.

This issue had passed or overlooked  by the modern archery range of the rules,techniques...yes,,this attitude was by the power of modern archery.

This Ottoman's proper technique is called as;

              '' Drawing and shooting by supporting the shoulder with the chin linking'.

And it is hard to see this style in other archery because,this forgotton technique has created unique border between the other styles of the traditional archery.
And so,this style could not be copied so easily by the other warriors even by the Ottoman miniatures  :)

The lost technique in the hunting scene.

As you know,
first bow of the ottoman style archery is the kepaze or kepade(drawing & training bows for purpose of the become stronger) and archery begins by this kepaze.

This kepade bow is very important to have almost all of archery body stance,correct positions correctly and you would use these on the shooting;definetely.

Let's come to this technical Proof:
I found this correct-proper technique in this kepaze section of the Mustafa Kani's Telhis-i Resailat-i Rumat Archery book.This book is very authoritarian and powerfull source about the Ottoman Archery equipments and the techniques and had written by order of the Sultan Mahmud II.


when the archer during the drawing his bow; wants to hold his head vertically as possible as like in the other archery techniques;isn't it?

Forget it !  :) ,you can not see this type of stance advice in the real Ottoman style shooting.So,you must place your chin to your shoulder gap correctly like this picture below.

Chin and shoulder relationship;so,you're much stronger now.

Proofs:   Description of the kepade esercise;page 60/Telhis-i Resailat-i Rumat/Mustafa Kani

'' Press your both foot to the ground such as standing while praying,the neck should be bent directly without tilting to all four sides,face should be turned over the shoulder without raising it,while the shoulder standing normaly,the chin should be recline to the near cavity of the shoulder.''

We can see more proofs in the Telhis-i Resailat-i Rumat pages.All of them (pages 64-72-74-134) are about this technique definetely.

War Miniature from the Ottomans,..his bow-arm is like a stick. 

Look at to the this stunning miniature above ! ,it is almost ' Beeing like a crossbow ' by this technique?isn't it?This detail was so important that;they had warned not to remove the chin from the shoulder insistently.

Because,a supported shoulder by the chin would be more stronger and stable as you might and this effects as more resistanced bow arm such as placed a 'stick' between the grip and bow string.And here is my Video about this technique;

So finally,i want to make this, WARNING !  In or out of the nowadays Turkey;

'' Ottoman style archers have been using wrong technique due to all of these powerfull proofs and must be corrected urgently ''

Best regards,
Mehmet A.Gölhan